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Probate & Trust Administration

Legal issues and obligations triggered upon a person’s death can seem confusing and overwhelming. You’ve just lost a loved one and having to deal with a reading of the will, probate and estate distribution issues – on top of everything else – can be too much to bear. Although these legal issues are important and must be addressed, we will encourage you to first take care of yourself and your family before jumping into the logistics of probating a will in Tacoma, Gig Harbor or elsewhere in Western Washington. When you are emotionally ready to proceed, we will work with you (whether as a trustee, executor or beneficiary) to simplify the process and bring about the expedient administration of estates and trusts, no matter their size or location. We at the Narrows Law Group go to great lengths to avoid being pushy or intimidating. You will know when you are ready to tackle the legal issues and we will be there to help as a top probate lawyer in Tacoma. We offer full-service representation to assist with all areas of distribution relating to estates, trusts, wills and probate in Pierce County, Tacoma and surrounding areas.

We advise clients with regard to the following specific matters:

  • Probate procedures
    • Opening probate with the court and appointing an executor
    • Obtaining Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration
  • Valuing assets and preparing inventories
  • Properly notify creditors
  • Sell and distribute assets
  • Creditor claims
  • Small estate affidavits
  • Trust administration
  • Obligations and rights under trusts
  • Absentee Estates
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Estate Mediation
  • Income and estate tax matters

Oftentimes, people are overwhelmed by the probate process and/or don’t believe that anything needs to be done after someone dies. In most situations, this is not the case and there are very important legal matters that need to be handled soon after death so that more problems are not created in the future. If you’re concerned about what needs to be done after someone dies, please contact our office to discuss. It may be as easy as a phone call, but our attorneys will tell you what you need to do and when it is time to hire a probate attorney.

We genuinely care about our clients and pride ourselves on a commonsense approach to probate in Tacoma (and surrounding areas) and the ability to simplify the process for our clients. Annie Arbenz has been repeatedly recognized as a top probate attorney in Tacoma, top Gig Harbor probate attorney and top Puyallup probate lawyer.

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