What You Need To Know About Divorce

Sometimes a marriage ends in divorce. If you find yourself in a situation where either you or your spouse want a divorce, consider the following to help you through the process:

Think Big

One of the most important factors to remember is to think about the big picture if you are getting a divorce. In times of stress it is easy to make decisions without considering the long-term implications. During the course of a divorce a person may lose sight of their financial future, their parenting goals, and their newfound singleness. They will be asked to make really big decisions that will affect their financial future and their children.  It is important to make smart decisions with that future in mind, and that is how an attorney can assist you.  Divorce can be a difficult process, and it is best to think of the big picture of what you need after the process is over. A good attorney will assist you in making these decisions and guide you to a satisfactory condition.


Family law is different than other areas of law.  It is extremely important to be honest, especially with your divorce lawyer, during this process.  You need to consider your children’s best interests and what parenting plan will work for your family.  Without being honest with yourself and your lawyer about your desired outcomes and goals then you will not end up in the best possible position. Honesty with yourself and others can help make a challenging situation a bit less difficult.

Collect Documents

Additionally, you will want to note shared valuables, financial accounts, insurance policies, and any pre-existing legal documents and provide those to your divorce lawyer so that your estate can be equitably and fairly divided.  Consider taking photos or a video of your assets so that they can be recorded and accounted for.

Divorce Attorney Tacoma

One of the most important decisions in proceeding with a divorce is selecting an attorney to represent you. With The Narrows Law Group you will find great representation, a wealth of experience, and a strong background in helping our clients. We are a firm dedicated to helping you through this process and provide excellent representation, because you matter to us and your family matters to us. Contact The Narrows Law Group for your divorce attorney needs.


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