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'You can't take it with You. Estate Planning Podcast

The Narrow Law Group attorney Annie Arbenz, her sister Hannah Calas and mom Lonna discuss estate planning from 3 different generational perspectives.  They describe their podcast as, “funny and frank conversations about end-of-life planning.”


“You Can’t take it with You.”

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Episode 1: Why you need a will

A Will is also the only way to nominate a guardian for your minor kiddos! In this episode, Annie, Hannah and Lonna discuss why a Will is so important for everyone.


Episode 2: Why you need a power of attorney

Powers of Attorney! No one really gets them! But they’re so important! Learn all about them and why you need one in this episode.

Episode 3: Health Care Directives

Advance directives put into writing the type of medical care, or decisions, you want made if you are no longer able to communicate them yourself.

Episode 4: Disposition Authorizations ***Coming Soon***

Cremation vs. burial vs. composting – remains after you die.

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