“You Can’t Take it with You.” Estate Planning Podcast




'You can't take it with You. Estate Planning Podcast

The Narrow Law Group attorney Annie Arbenz, her sister Hannah Calas and mom Lonna discuss estate planning from 3 different generational perspectives.  They describe their podcast as, “funny and frank conversations about end-of-life planning.”


“You Can’t take it with You.”

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Episode 1: Why you need a will

A Will is also the only way to nominate a guardian for your minor kiddos! In this episode, Annie, Hannah and Lonna discuss why a Will is so important for everyone.


Episode 2: Why you need a power of attorney

Powers of Attorney! No one really gets them! But they’re so important! Learn all about them and why you need one in this episode.

Episode 3: Health Care Directives

Advance directives put into writing the type of medical care, or decisions, you want made if you are no longer able to communicate them yourself.

Episode 4: Disposition Authorizations ***Coming Soon***

Cremation vs. burial vs. composting – remains after you die.

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