Business these days can be truly challenging. As you build your brand and increase your market share you need watch out for other companies that may try to take the hard work you have done as their own. Whether it is your branding, marking strategy or pricing plans, you need to be on the lookout. It is vital that you are thinking of areas where you are exposured to risk. This is why having trademarks on all of your unique intellectual property regarding your goods and service can be another step to grow your business.


A trademark is a legal protection of a logo, slogan, phrase that is associated with a good or service of a business. By having a trademark on a phrase or logo of your business, you provide protection to your intellectual property and also set a protective barrier against any competition that may try to copy you. A good example is the Nike slogan “Just do it” and their logo of the “Swoosh”. These two elements are so closely associated with the Nike brand that they represent the company itself. They are both trademarked by Nike. This protects them from people using these elements for their own benefit.


There is a variety of reasons why you would need to have a trademark for your business. If you have a desire to firmly set apart your business and brand from your competitors then seeking a trademark for your branding materials is a good strategy. Your marketing material and branding that you have worked hard to create in the market can all go away when another company uses your slogan or similar color scheme of your website. Having a trademark in place can help protect your efforts in the market place so that your company can continue to thrive without the fear of your creativity going to another business.


Now that we know that seeking a trademark is wise, the next logical question is how. You can choose to do it yourself or you could seek a trademark lawyer for help. While doing it on your own could be more cost effective, having a professional make every effort to ensure your branding, intellectual property, and marking plans are locked into place can make a big difference. Having a professional guide you through the process can give you the assurance as well that your hard work will stay safe.

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