How Signing a Prenup Helps Avoid Headaches

While prenups might not be the most fun thing to talk about, especially as a wedding date approaches, they’re an important way to aim for financial security (and avoid any potential headaches) later in life. A prior agreement helps make sure that both spouses are on the same page and can help to avoid and messy situations later.

A prenuptial agreement is a document that a couple will decide and agree upon before a marriage takes place. It essentially lists out what happens financially in the case of divorce. While the word might sound scary or ‘kill the excitement’ or a new marriage, it shouldn’t. It is simply a way to take the emotional energy our of splitting finances, property, and debt in the case of divorce.

Why Get a Prenup

There are several reasons to think about signing a prenup before the big day.

  • Debt. If one spouse has way more debt coming in to the marriage than the other it is a good idea to sign a prenup. If a divorce happens in the future, a prenup saves the other spouse from having to deal with that.
  • Wealth. Similarly, if one spouse is bringing a signifiant amount of money into the relationship, a prenup is a good idea too. Signing a prenup in this case allows the wealthier spouse to protect their assets in the case of marital deterioration.
  • Prior Marriage. If one person has children, child support, or other issues from a previous relationship that they’ll be bringing into this one, it will be good to ensure that, if a divorce happens, the other spouse isn’t saddled with this responsibility.
  • Small business owners. A signed agreement beforehand can protect your business in the case of divorce.
  • Short engagements. Whether personal or cultural reasons, some couples get married rather quickly. In this case, it’s even more important to sign a prenup, since you may not know what you’re getting into financially or otherwise beforehand.

Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure your prenup is fair. For a prenup to be acceptable it has to be fair to both spouses. One spouse can’t acquire all marital wealth or property in the case of a divorce, and one shouldn’t be left with all the debt (unless they brought said debt into the marriage).

They’re a good thing. A prenup can be really helpful in detangling the mess that can come with a dissolving marriage. By talking things through beforehand, it can even strengthen a marriage by encouraging open communication of assets and expectations.

Washington State Courts have extensive files on divorce in our state. Visit their site for resources on divorce in Washington.

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