There are a lot of factors to consider when you decide to hire a Gig Harbor business attorney. You need to make sure that your interests and their specialities are in alignment so you get the most out of your relationship. There are several factors to consider to make your hire a successful one. Here are some things to consider:


The most important factor when making a hire of legal counsel is the years and depth of experience they have in your area of need. Are they just getting started? Do they have a long tenure in practicing law but do not have any experience in your area of concern? Have they taken on companies with similar challenges before? These would be questions worth asking to any potential law firm to see if they are the best fit for your situation.

Knowledge of your Industry

Additionally, you want to make sure the firm has taken on a similar cases in the past and has dealt with companies in related fields. If you are a real estate investor but your business attorney specializes in franchise law then they may not be the best fit. If you are looking to scale your business but your attorney does not have experience with that type of challenge then you may need to move on. You need to use this time as an opportunity to ask questions to potential law firms to make sure you end up with the right law firm.

Scope of Practice

Another factor to consider is the scope of their business practice. Do their represent many other types of law or do they focus primarily on a few types of law. Do they have a few dedicated people in the firm that are experts in the topic you need. It could be challenging to get the attention you need if they are spending time on other topics in their practice. Asking the right questions can be valuable to make sure they have the capacity for the scope of your business.

It is critical to have the right people on your team to make sure your business goals are being met on a consistent basis. If you the right legal representation, you can move forward in your business with greater confidence. This comes from knowing that you are limited in your risk exposure and you are moving towards progress without having an area of weakness. Contact the firm of Andrew and Arbenz today to see how we can provide the legal council you need to help your business today.