What is Adult Adoption and Why Consider It?

adult adoption

Whether you are a potential adoptee or a relative looking for ways to help, you will probably want to know more about adult adoption. This article explores some of the factors you should consider before you adopt. Among these factors are medical necessity, cost, legality and inheritance.


Using adult adoption as an estate planning tool can be beneficial. However, there are some important aspects of adult adoption that must be understood before making this decision. Whether adult adoption is right for you, you should speak with a lawyer from Narrows Law Group to ensure that you understand the potential pitfalls and consequences.

In the United States, adult adoptions have been used to solve inheritance issues. Adult adoption involves a parent and child relationship, which was previously not recognized in the legal system. In some states, the legal relationship of parent and child is only recognized in minor adoption.

Adult adoption can cause complications in trusts and estates. The adopting party must consider forfeiting his or her inheritance rights. Some states require an age difference between the adopting party and the adoptee. Some states also require spousal consent.


Whether you are a prospective parent or an adoptee, you will need to understand the legality of adult adoption. This process is a bit different from child adoption, and each state has a different set of laws. It is important to consult an attorney with Narrows Law Group if you have questions.

The process of adult adoption starts with a petition to a family court. This is where a judge will decide whether the adoption is in the best interest of the adopted person. The judge will take into consideration the adoptee’s wishes and the adoptee’s needs. The judge will also sever all ties between the previous biological parents and the adoptee.

If the judge finds that the proposed adoption is in the best interest of the adoptee, the judge will sign a formal court order of adoption. This will give the adoptee a new birth certificate. The adoptee may already be a U.S. citizen, or he or she may be in the first or second tier to inherit from an intestate decedent.


Many people choose to adopt adult children for several reasons. It is an important symbol of love and commitment, and can make property transfers easier under inheritance laws.

Adoption costs vary. Some states allow adult adoptions for as little as $100, while others charge thousands. There are also private organizations that charge extra. Some attorneys charge flat fees for simple adoptions, while others charge hourly fees.

Adult adoption costs can increase if you hire a lawyer. Typically, a lawyer charges $200 or $300 per hour. If you are dealing with an adoption that involves immigration, inheritance, or special needs, you may have to pay a higher fee.

An attorney will also prepare the necessary documents and help you get through the legal system. 

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