What Does a Probate Attorney Do

During the time of a loved one passing, it can be difficult to think through all of the details of their estate. The flood of emotions and the grieving process will be at the forefront of your mind rather than on the intricate details of the estate plan. This is where a trusted probate attorney becomes invaluable. They are the neutral party that knows the process of transitioning the assets from the estate to its beneficiaries through the legal process. Here is what you need to know about probate attorneys:


It is the job of the probate attorney to make sure the details of the estate closure do not become a burden for those who remain. They work directly with the personal representatives or Executors who have been charged to carry out the demands of the last will and testament. Furthermore, the probate attorney will work with the beneficiaries of the estate, making sure the assets are given to the right people and places. These attorneys do what it takes, from start to finish, to make sure the estate is closed.


Probate attorneys will have the task of working with estates that have an established last will and testament and those that do not. The estates of those who have a will in place need to be taken to court to present before a judge where the affairs can be evaluated and processed. If the estate does not have a will, the attorney will have the difficult task of working through the court process all while trying to make sure the wishes of the family are kept intact while people potential contest the estate.


An estate plan can be detailed and nuanced depending on the nature of the estate and how many assets are involved. Of the many things that an probate attorney will do is prepare for probate court, monitoring the estate checking account, collecting life insurance policies, dealing with income tax implications, working to retitle legal documents to the next appropriate person, and making sure all debts are paid from the estate before given the balance to the designated beneficiaries.

Having a probate attorney can be truly invaluable for you when you find yourself in the midst of the estate planning process and when the death has occurred. While, it is never desired to have to endure such a legal process, we all know that death will impact us all in one way or another. By being proactive and working with a probate attorney to help you through the process you can benefit yourself and those who would receive your estate. If you need a Tacoma or Gig Harbor probate attorney, consider contacting Andrews & Arbenz today. We are a legal firm in the South Sound that has extensive experience with estate planning and the probate system and can confidently represent you and your estate.