Three Reasons why Adoptions are Important

Adoption is an important legal process that helps people of all walks of life find a sense of family. While the process by which someone needs adoption is usually littered with trauma, adoptions provide a sense of hope to an individual that desperately needs it. People seek out adoptions for many reasons and we propose that there are three reasons that make adoptions more meaningful to those seeking the adoption.

Sense of Family

Formalizing an adoption is important because it provides a sense of family to the adoptee. Often times a person who has been in foster care or without a consistent family desires to be a part of a family. The adoptee desires all of the elements that come with being in a family unit. Holiday traditions, weekend rituals and family hobbies are things that most families may take for granted, but to someone seeking adoption they are incredibly impactful to helping them be a part of something bigger then themselves. By commencing an adoption a person is able to feel that sense of being in a family.

Sense of Permanency

Another added benefit of finalizing an adoption is creating a sense of permanency. Permanency is a feeling that comes with being a part of something consistent, reliable and trustworthy. Many times people that seek adoption have had their sense of permanency shattered due to life’s circumstances, many of which are outside of their control. Adoption provides a safe haven for people and allows them to build trust with others. Finalizing an adoption is important because it is the catalyst that can rebuild trust for the adoptee.

Sense of Belonging

An added benefit of adoptions is creating a sense of belonging. Often people who grew up in and out of foster care, or without a consistent family do not have a clear sense of belonging. By choosing adoption, the individual will have a greater sense of being a part of belonging. That feeling then can foster the growth of trust, increase confidence and improve self-worth. When that sort of restoration occurs the person can become more successful in all aspects of life.

In closing, Andrews & Arbenz is a Tacoma attorney firm that knows the value that a family unit can bring to people of any age. We know that by formalizing an adoption, individuals can improve their quality of life, confidence, and sense of belonging. All of which leads to many other rewarding benefits. If you are considering an adoption, please contact us to see how we can help.