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Estate Planning During a Pandemic

Estate Planning During a Pandemic

It's been a while since we talked about estate planning back in January of last year. Two months later COVID-19 turned our world upside down. The world has changed a lot since then. If this past year has taught us anything, it's that life is unpredictable. In such a...

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Can a Father Win Full Custody?

One of the most common questions that arises when a father goes through a divorce is whether he has a chance to have full custody of his children. This question remains because in the not too distant past men were seen as the sole bread winners of the family unit...

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Divorce and the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching it is a good time to consider how to take care of yourself and your children if you are in the midst a divorce.  With the frequent gatherings of family and friends and holiday traditions it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the new...

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Gig Harbor Business Attorney

There are few things in life more satisfying than starting a small business that grows into a reliable success. The magic of creating something from scratch and seeing it grow to help others is tremendous. We know what this feels like because we have done this...

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Hiring a Gig Harbor Business Attorney

In our last article, we discussed three important factors in making a hiring decision of a Gig Harbor business attorney. It is vital to look at experience, knowledge and the scope of the firm's practice to help you make a wise decision with your legal team. After...

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How Are Assets Valued in a Trust

We have discussed at length on this site the importance of having an estate plan established so that your loved ones can have the added peace of mind knowing that your financial and business affairs in order. By having your legal documents and financial records...

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How Divorce Effects You

Going through a divorce can be challenging and will impact the lives of those involved in many pronounced and nuanced ways. If you are going through a divorce and have children going through it with you consider the following items to help make the process a bit...

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How Long to Keep your Legal Documents

As has been previously mentioned on our site, we believe it is important to have your legal affairs in order so that you can have confidence that you are in a solid legal position. An aspect of building that confidence is having your physical documents in order so...

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How to Remarry after a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be hard for many people. The sense of loss and change can be a big challenge for an individual to go through. This can be compounded if there are children involved. But, after the dust settles and time has healed some of the pain, most...

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Men, Women and Property

Most divorce attorneys will agree that the most contentious topic in a divorce proceeding is how and with whom the children will be raised. A close second for most couples is the division of property. This is the part of the divorce where all of the assets, both...

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The Top 3 Reasons You Need an Estate Plan

More often than not the estate plan is the forgotten financial tool for individuals. It is so valuable to adults of any age, marital status, and employment position. It is a vehicle that can be used to ensure you are directing your money, property and assets to the...

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What Does a Probate Attorney Do

During the time of a loved one passing, it can be difficult to think through all of the details of their estate. The flood of emotions and the grieving process will be at the forefront of your mind rather than on the intricate details of the estate plan. This is where...

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What is Disability Insurance?

It is well known that the largest asset you have to becoming financially independent is making good use of your income. From your income you are able to pay down debt, invest in property, purchase stocks and buy mutual funds. As a result, it is critical that you...

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What to Do When Served?

Many people today are aware at a basic level of what being served is. Often dramatized in Hollywood movies or on the small screen, we can all picture someone being served legal papers by a legal professional. It is challenging however to know what this means for the...

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What to Look for in an Estate Planning Attorney

When it comes to making sure that your affairs are in order you need to make sure you find the right estate planning attorney. With so many attorneys available in today's market it is important to realize that there are several factors to consider before you hire an...

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When do You Need a Business Attorney?

Many times when a small or medium sized business runs into challenges in their growth, legal advice will need to be sought. As a business changes and adjusts to the market they may see a need to consult with a business attorney who can help them recognize the legal...

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Why is it Important to Have a Business License

Imagine you have this idea that can really help others and make a difference in your community. Or you have a hobby that you are passionate about and want to take to the next level. Like many other new entrepreneurs, you find yourself at the cross roads on whether...

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Why You Need a Business License Lawyer

These days there are so many threats to your business and its growth. There are new competitors that are coming into your market. There are new marketing campaigns trying to take away your client base. There are other threats that may not seem that obvious. Having a...

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Why You Need a Legacy Plan

What is a Legacy Plan? A Legacy Plan is a term many in the financial realm refer to when it comes to your end of life preparation for your family. Specifically, it is the document, folder, or drawer that contains all of your end of life documents. This plan most...

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Why Your Business Needs a Trademark Lawyer

Business these days can be truly challenging. As you build your brand and increase your market share you need watch out for other companies that may try to take the hard work you have done as their own. Whether it is your branding, marking strategy or pricing plans,...

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