Power of Positivity in Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a soul crushing experience. The break in trust, the loss of stability and the hurt you feel can be too much for some to deal with. The legal process does not make this change any easier. You will have to discuss in detail your relationship history, what your plans for your children are and the financial situation you will be in afterwards. It can get heated between former spouses. These discussions can also be negative in nature, which will bring down the outlook for people involved. This negativity can really impact the adults and children involved. It is for this reason that those going through a divorce need to surround themselves with people, situations and environments that are positive.

It is important for those going through a divorce to be positive because focusing on a negative mindset, or staying in a negative state of mind will limit your ability to see the big picture. Moreover, staying in a negative frame of mind forces you to think only about survival. According to a recent study done by Barbara Fredrickson, groups of people put in situations where they looked at negative images were limited in their creative response and output. They were limited in how they could see the future and how they might fit in it beyond their negative circumstance. This negativity changed their future prospects.

The opposite is true for those who have a positive mindset, surround themselves with positive people or live in a positive situation. In the same study Barbara Fredrickson had another group of people look at images of joy and contentment and the individuals in that group were able to yield a high creative response. Due to their positive input their creativity, futuristic thinking and overall outlook was improved. Those that were in a positive mindset had a brighter future. This shows the real power of positivity. Having a mindset that is in a positive place opens up opportunity for you to be creative and make healthy future plans.

This research is key for those going through divorce, because the immediate environment and circumstance will be in a negative state as you go through the difficult task of a divorce. But, by having a mindset that is positive, and thinking in a positive manner in the midst of the trial you can actually find a way to thrive rather than just survive. In contrast those that are negative will fixate on the situation at hand, what they lost and not be able to move past the present circumstances.

It is key then, for those going through a divorce to surround themselves with positivity to help the transition go well. This may mean that putting people in your life that are negative in the back ground. This may mean exercising or doing other activities to improve mood, or finding a hobby that brings you joy. Additionally, reading books, finding ways to grow as a person can also help improve your state of positivity. From a legal perspective, having a legal team that can be a source of support during your divorce can be invaluable. Consider hiring Andrews & Arbenz as your Gig Harbor divorce attorney. We have served the Puget Sound area for many years and know how to help those going through divorce. We will be a place you can get sound advice, guidance and counsel as you transition from married life to single hood.