Past Blog Posts Part 2

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There are so many great blog posts that are full of good information, so I’m linking some of them here.

“What is Disability Insurance?”–It is well known that the largest asset you have to becoming financially independent is making good use of your income. From your income you are able to pay down debt, invest in property, purchase stocks and buy mutual funds.

“What is Custody and How does it Impact You?”–There are so many new and trying emotions that occur for children and parents alike when a divorce happens. Working through financial records and settling how certain assets will be handled after marriage can be arduous.

“What is a Revocable Living Trust?”–For those individuals that are concerned with their estate being properly managed at the time of death, a living trust is a tool that can provide robust protection. 

“What Happens when Unmarried Couples Separate?”–A situation that is becoming more common in our society is families with unmarried parents separating. This process is where a couple, who has been in a committed relationship together and may have children either naturally or through adoption, decides to dissolve their relationship.

“What does a Probate Attorney Do?”–During the time of a loved one passing, it can be difficult to think through all of the details of their estate. The flood of emotions and the grieving process will be at the forefront of your mind rather than on the intricate details of the estate plan. 

“What are the Reasons that Lead People to Divorce?”–While  the pervasive thought in the nation is that 50% of couples who marry will eventually seek a divorce, recent data suggests that the divorce rate has been declining steadily over the last several decades.

“Three Reasons Why Adoptions are Important.”–Adoption is an important legal process that helps people of all walks of life find a sense of family. While the process by which someone needs adoption is usually littered with trauma, adoptions provide a sense of hope to an individual that desperately needs it.

“Top 3 Reasons Why you Need an Estate Plan.”–More often than not the estate plan is the forgotten financial tool for individuals. It is so valuable to adults of any age, marital status, and employment position. 

“Taking Care of Yourself During a Custody Dispute.”–No one plans to turn to divorce when a marriage first starts but when the decision has been made the fallout that comes with it is very trying for the whole family, especially when children are involved.

“Power of Positivity in Divorce.”–Going through a divorce can be a soul crushing experience. The break in trust, the loss of stability and the hurt you feel can be too much for some to deal with. The legal process does not make this change any easier. 

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