How to Prevent Your Divorce from Impacting Your Work

In our previous article we discussed how going through a divorce can negatively impact your work performance. The emotional stress of having such a transition can take its toll during your daily work. Having a plan in place to help you mitigate the stress can be important so that you can make your transition easier. Here are some additional tips to consider applying to your own work place if you are going through a divorce.


This very important, especially if you are missing a lot of time out of the work day due to court appointments and meetings with your lawyer. Having your supervisor in the loop as much as needed can be a real asset. Granted, you may not be comfortable sharing the specifics on your situation, but having someone that knows what you are going through at work can be really helpful. Additionally, your boss can make the right adjustments in your daily schedule and assignments so that you are not asked to take on a big project while you are in the middle of the divorce.


It can be easy to fall into some traps of negativity at work. Perhaps there are co-workers or even clients that get on your nerves, which makes it easier to open the door to negative thoughts and talk. It is really important to focus on positive topics and avoid the negative influences in the workplace. By doing so, you will be able to be more positive in the other aspects of your life.


It is equally important to make sure you avoid the potential triggers in your life that will get you upset. A divorce process will be full of potential land mines that can set you off to be in a bad mood, get upset or make bad decisions. The goal during this time is to avoid the hot spots that put you in a bad place emotionally. That way you can make sound decisions while the divorce is being processed. So maybe it is avoiding certain types of work tasks, and being more focused when you interact with certain co-workers or customers. By avoiding the triggers in your life; the people, topics, or external stimuli you can be at your best during your divorce proceedings.

In closing, going through a divorce is extremely tough on everyone involved. It impacts their personal and social lives as well as the quality of life at the workplace. By being intentional during a divorce someone can avoid the common triggers that set them off in a bad place emotionally. They can also put more positive people and situations in their life. Additionally, having a Tacoma divorce attorney that can help you process the information of the divorce as well as helping support you through the process can be invaluable. If you need a legal advocate for your divorce, consider working with Andrews & Arebenz. We are a legal team in the Puget Sound that can help support you through your divorce and provide the counsel that you need during this challenging time.