How to Prevent Your Divorce from Impacting Your Work Part 2

Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging transitions an adult can go through. What once started as a union of two people brought together by love has now turned into a potentially tense situation with a complicated back story. It is natural when a person is going through such a hardship for it to impact other areas of their life. For example, the person may not sleep as well, or they may be more irritable with friends or have a short temper with their children. It is also common for those individuals who work outside the home to have their work performance impacted due to the divorce. It is important that a person who is going through a divorce to work their best to limit the impact the divorce has on their daily job. This is key because if your work place performance slips then your position could be jeopardy. Here are some things to consider for making your work space a positive environment so you can work your best while you are transitioning through your divorce.


One of the best ways to make sure you are keeping yourself sane during a divorce proceeding is to find a way to get in a few breaks. These breaks can be quick or during your lunch hour. These moments without work can do wonders to help you step back from your situation and focus on something positive. This will also help you refocus your efforts when you return to work, and hopefully increase your productivity when you are working.


During your breaks, or your formal lunch break consider taking some time to stretch or walk. Even a brisk 10 to 20 minute walk can do wonders for your work place performance but also be quite positive for reducing stress, increasing blood circulation and improving mood. Stretching can also be very healthy during this time of stress. Your body will not doubt have more tension in your neck and back due to the stress you are under from the divorce. By spending some time stretching you can help break up the tight muscle groups and increase circulation and help your body relax.


It can be tempting under normal circumstances to eat healthy while at work due to co-workers bringing in treats and goodies. It can be even more tempting under the stress of a divorce to turn to junk food or fast food for your daily food intake. By making a choice to eat healthy during this transition you can give your body the essential building blocks for healthy performance. You can prevent common colds, reduce stress and improve overall mood if you are eating well on a daily basis.

By implementing these three steps you can do a lot to improving the quality of life while at work and in turn reducing the impact of a divorce. If you are taking care of you physical and mental states on a consistent basis you will be able to devote more energy to your emotional state during this time. This time could also be a good time to consult with your divorce attorney. Going through divorce alone can be challenging, and by having legal counsel in your life that can help you navigate the common pitfalls can be extremely valuable. If you need a divorce attorney Tacoma firm to represent your case contact Andrews & Arbenz today.