How does a Divorce Work with No Kids?

While divorce can happen to couples of all types, people often associate divorce for couples with children. Certainly the problems that arise while raising children can be a leading factor for couples to seek a divorce. There are however numerous other reasons why a couple would pursue a divorce. This is why couples in any stage of life, including those couples without children, seek to dissolve their marriage union.

In Washington State, in order for a couple to seek a divorce the marriage has to be established as irrevocably broken in the court of law. This process is started through a Petition of Divorce where one member of the marriage states that the marriage is no longer viable. Then more often than not, each member of the relationship will find legal representation to advocate for their best interests. In the case of a marriage with no children, the focus will be on community property and spousal support.

Washington State is considered a community property state, which means that all property, possessions and other types of assets acquired during the marriage will have to be split equally between the two individuals. This aspect of the divorce can be especially challenging as it involves money and items of sentimental significance. For couples who have no children, this is where the majority of their focus will be during the divorce process. If there was a prenuptial agreement prior to the marriage then those items would not be considered as community property at the time of the divorce.

If you or your spouse seeks spousal maintenance at the time of divorce then you need to consult your attorney and negotiate an outcome that is beneficial for all involved. Spousal maintenance is the monetary fee that is typically distributed monthly for a spouse who needs the money to help them maintain or reach a higher level of self-sustainability. The amount and duration of the monthly spousal maintenance is determined by the court. Often times this is determined by looking at the education level of both people, the most recent work experience, age of the people in the marriage and the standard of living that the marriage had. By working closely with your attorney you can arrive at a solution that will work for both parties.

While most still associate divorce with couples who have children it is something that any committed relationship can go through. It is for this reason that it is imperative that you seek legal counsel if you find yourself going through a divorce. It is critical that your representation has a strong ability to negotiate on your behalf so that you arrive at a favorable resolution after the divorce concludes. If you need an attorney to represent you and need a trusted name to help you through your divorce, consider working with Andrews & Arbenz. We are a respected law firm in the Puget Sound and have worked hard to establish our strong reputation. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with a variety of your legal needs, and specifically if you are looking for help with a potential divorce without children.