How can a Father Survive a Divorce?

Going through a divorce, no matter what role you play in the marriage, can be difficult. For fathers, it seems the cards are stacked against you. Mothers often are awarded physical custody and fathers are left to pick up the pieces of their new life without raising kids. It can be difficult to survive the process if you are not prepared to take care of yourself. Here are some things to consider if you find yourself in the midst of a divorce.


There will be many moments during your time at home with your spouse prior to finalizing the divorce that will be heated. The tension will undoubtedly come up when you are around your spouse, either at home or in the courtroom. As a father, you will need to do your best to not give into the temptation to argue back or get angry. If you do fall into these traps, it will make you look emotionally unstable and hurt your position in the divorce proceedings. If you can keep yourself from these tense conversations and avoid falling into these traps then you will be better off.


During these stressful times it is imperative that you do what you can to make sure you are healthy in every sense of the word. This means that you are doing what you need to do to be physically healthy. Sleeping enough each night, eating foods that give you sustained energy, avoiding alcohol and getting some form of exercise on a regular basis. This will improve your performance at home and allow you to be your best during the proceedings. In addition to this, you should make sure that you are emotionally healthy as well. This may mean that you need to meet with a Counselor to process the hurt, stress and grief you feel. Also having a group of encouraging friends and supportive family can make a big difference in making sure you are emotionally healthy during this trying time.


One of the most important aspects of getting through and surviving a divorce proceeding for a father is having counsel that can and will support your case. At Andrews and Arbenz, we are a law firm that believes in going the extra mile for our clients, especially during the challenge of a divorce. We know that these legal proceedings can be extremely taxing on you emotionally so we make every effort to give you the information and support you need to make the best decisions possible for your family and yourself.

Should you need legal counsel for an impending divorce that you are going through, consider contacting Andrews and Arbenz. We have faithfully served the residents of the Tacoma area for many years and have numerous years in helping clients with divorce. We are confident that we can provide you with the legal counsel you need and be the Tacoma divorce attorney firm you turn to so that your transition in divorce is survivable.