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Great List of Past Blog Posts


List of Past Blog Posts

Instead of searching through pages of past blog posts I’ve created a quick reference list with brief summaries and links to the original article.

  • What is Power of Attorney and why it’s important?   A power of attorney is a written legal authorization that gives one party to act on behalf of another. This authorization typically involves two individuals. The person who is authorizing the power of attorney is called principle or grantor. The person who has been given the power is called the agent.  The power of attorney process specifically allows the agent the ability to make all types of legal decisions on behalf of the grantor. These decisions could be purchasing or selling property, operating a business, medical decisions and many other situations.
  • What is Probate Court and How to Avoid it?    Probate court is the legal framework that allows the court system to wrap up and bring closure to the individual’s affairs. This process can include a variety of subjects, but it tends to focus on financial matters.
  • What is the Best Way to Handle an Inheritance for Your Children?    For those that are planning their estate it is key to think about how the children in their life will handle the windfall and if they are ready for it. Here are some thoughts to help you make sure your child is ready.
  • What to do When Served?    The first step in a legal process is filing a formal compliant with the local governing body. This compliant then triggers a legal action where the parties whom have been accused of the offense are sent legal notification via service of process papers.
  • What to Look for in an Estate Planning Attorney?   When it comes to making sure that your affairs are in order you need to make sure you find the right estate planning attorney. With so many attorneys available in today’s market it is important to realize that there are several factors to consider before you hire an attorney. Here are four factors that can help you find the best one for your situation.
  • What you Need to Know About Divorce?  The institution of marriage is a beautiful thing. It is wonderful seeing two people come together who are in love with each other. However, not every wedding leads to a fairy tale marriage. Sometimes marriages, for a variety of reasons, are not able to survive and getting a divorce is the best option. If you find yourself in a situation where divorce is the last resort, consider the following factors to help you through the process.
  • Why Life Insurance is Important for your Estate Planning?  Life insurance is an important part of estate planning. What is life insurance? In general, life insurance is a contract agreement between you and an insurance company. In exchange for monthly payments, the company provides a lump sum payment to the beneficiaries upon the death of the insurer. There are two main types of life insurance, term life insurance and whole life insurance. Insurance is usually chosen based on the owners goals, needs and preferences.
  • Why do you Need a Legacy Plan?    A Legacy Plan is a term many in the financial realm refer to when it comes to your end of life preparation for your family. Specifically, it is the document, folder, or drawer that contains all of your end of life documents. This plan most likely would include a last will and testament, life insurance documents, financial records and wishes for your memorial.


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