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I’m Annie Arbenz, Partner at The Narrows Law Group. It’s my mission to provide you and your clients with top-notch legal representation and advice. I work closely with financial advisors to craft estate plans that will work for your clients and coordinate with the plans you have made with them. You and your clients will be happy with me on your team!

I have created a very busy practice, which I believe is a direct reflection of the compassion and personalized attention that I give to each client. My favorite part of my job is getting to know people and taking the time to ensure they have a plan that will work for their unique circumstances. I believe it is also part of my job to work closely with a client’s financial advisor to make a consistent and practical plan that reflects the goals of the client.

When you refer your clients to me, you can expect them to receive comprehensive estate and tax planning services, including analysis of:

  • Assets (titling, intended ownership, how to update or address in estate planning, if required);
  • Family dynamics (how to set the family up for success after death);
  • Fiduciaries (executor, guardian, attorney-in-fact, etc.);
  • Best ways to distribute wealth to next generation (testamentary trusts, special needs trusts, etc.);
  • Beneficiary designations (ensuring consistency throughout their plan); and
  • Net worth (estate and gift tax planning).

I believe that everyone needs an estate plan, so I don’t have an asset “threshold” to work with clients–I focus my practice on individuals and families with $0 – $10M. We make it easy for clients to make appointments, communicate with our team, and are very transparent with cost and timelines. The best part? Clients tell me that we actually made it fun!

Please reach out more to learn about how we do things here and how we can help you and your clients!

Annie Arbenz

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