Why a CIRA or Committed Intimate Relationship Agreement is Important

CIRA Agreement

Why consider a CIRA if you’ve been dating for a while, perhaps even living together, and you’re happy to have found someone you connect with so deeply. While you may not be ready for marriage or dislike the traditional institution, you want to protect your rights and interests in the relationship. When two people enter into a committed intimate relationship, the last thing on their minds is the possibility of separation or the end of their relationship. But things happen, and unfortunately, not all relationships last forever. Whether separation is your choice or not, it’s essential to have a plan for protecting your interests.

That’s where a Committed Intimate Relationships Agreement (CIRA) comes in. This agreement is a legally binding contract between two unmarried cohabitants that spells out expectations, responsibilities and division of property in the case of the relationship ending. In this blog, we explore why you need a CIRA and why it’s essential to have experienced attorneys such as those at Narrows Law Group by your side when creating one.

What is a CIR Agreement?

A Committed Intimate Relationship agreement, also known as a Meretricious Relationship agreement, is a contract between two unmarried partners who are in a long-term, intimate relationship that involves cohabitation. The purpose of this agreement is to establish mutually agreed-upon terms of their relationship and address what would happen in case of separation or death of one partner. This agreement ensures that both partners’ rights are protected and that there are no misunderstandings or disputes in the event of a breakup.

Peace of Mind and Clarity

The CIRA eliminates ambiguities and provides clarity about the expectations in your relationship. It covers key areas such as the division of assets, obligations to pay debt, the extent of financial support and custody issues should there be children. It can also outline each party’s responsibilities in managing joint or separate finances, property, and providing for each other in the event of incapacity. This agreement provides the security and the peace of mind of knowing that you have a roadmap for how things will be divided should the relationship end or undergo significant changes.

Why Do You Need a CIR Agreement?

While nobody goes into a committed intimate relationship thinking of it ending, it is vital to be realistic and pragmatic about the future. A well-drafted CIR agreement offers numerous advantages, such as setting clear guidelines for property rights and debts in the event of a breakup. It also defines each partner’s financial obligations towards each other, including expenses, medical needs, retirement, and more. It can also establish child custody and visitation rights, eliminating the possibility of future conflicts.

Protects Your Property Rights

If you and your partner decide not to get married, you may still be building a life together that includes joint property, assets or businesses. Without a CIRA, these legal issues may become fuzzy and could cause a dispute, costing you significant time, energy, and money. Having a clear, concise understanding of who owns what, who has given what, and who has what rights is essential to protecting yourself and your loved ones if a relationship ends, and for preparing ahead of time if the relationship is changing.

Provides Stability and Control

There is a sense of stability that comes with the creation of a CIRA, as it provides you with the autonomy of having more control over your future. This agreement can outline who has the right to be in the residence and how household bills will be paid, which provides peace of mind knowing that you won’t be homeless if the relationship ends. It can also specify each partner’s legal obligations to the other, deconstructing unspoken assumptions about the other’s intentions in the relationship.

The Value of Professional Assistance

While there are do-it-yourself (DIY) forms online for creating a CIRA, they may not be comprehensive enough to cover the nuances of your relationship. At Narrows Law Group, our experienced family law attorneys can help you understand your legal rights and craft the agreement that works for your specific situation. We specialize in helping clients create sound, legally binding agreements and provide knowledgeable advice over the entire process.

The Benefits of Hiring Narrows Law Group to Help with Your CIR Agreement

When it comes to CIR agreements, it’s best to have professionals on your side to ensure your interests are protected. When you hire Narrows Law Group, you get the best legal team to aid you in drafting and finalizing your CIR agreement. Our team ensures that your agreement is all-encompassing and drafted in accordance with Washington law. We will help you address all potential issues, and our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the agreement aligns with your personal situation.

In conclusion, a Committed Intimate Relationships Agreement is an essential legal tool for unmarried couples looking to protect their property rights, financial security, and clarify their responsibilities in the relationship. Working with professional attorneys such as Narrows Law Group’s team can help you craft an agreement that covers all aspects of the relationship and protects your rights in the event of a breakup or significant changes. Don’t hesitate to invest in your future by seeking the assistance of the experienced family law attorneys at Narrows Law Group for your CIRA.