Can a Father Win Full Custody?

One of the most common questions that arises when a father goes through a divorce is whether he has a chance to have full custody of his children. This question remains because in the not too distant past men were seen as the sole bread winners of the family unit while women were seen as the care takers of the children. As society has evolved and this notion has weakened, fathers everywhere have a greater assurance that if they want to maintain full custody of their children due to divorce they have a chance in the court of law.

The main aspect heading into a custody case for a father to remember is that the court will consider many different factors to determine what the best plan for the child. They will look at finances, living arrangements, stability of each parent and the judge will ultimately decide a course of action based on what is in the best interest for the child. By putting the child first, a father can have an equal shot at achieving custody depending on the unique circumstances of the custody case.

With that said, there are several ways that a father can help his situation when a parenting plan is being established via custody rights. First, practice good communication to those involved. Communicate with your attorney and let your voice be heard as the judge is making their decision about custody. In doing so, you can demonstrate that you care and have a healthy desire to have custody of your children. Second, be respectful to all parties involved while you are in court. While it is easy to let your emotions get the best of you during custody decisions, if you remain calm and polite during the proceedings then you can give yourself an advantage by show that you are mature and capable of raising your children in a healthy environment. Third, be present. Often times, fathers will say they want custody but will find ways to avoid being present when their children are with them. They will find sitters or will place the children in day care when it is their chance to be with the children. It is best to be present for these moments as this will show the court that you have the time, flexibility and desire to raise your children. Forth, find good representation. While there are many attorneys and law firms to choose from, you need to find an attorney that you connect with, but more importantly has a strong negotiating background. Custody disputes and divorces can be very trying and challenging for the parents involved. By having an attorney that can do the heavy lifting for you, fathers can have a greater sense of peace as the case is decided.

It is never ideal that a marriage ends in a divorce and it is especially challenging when there are children involved. The transition to having two homes, two birthdays and two sets of rules to live by is very difficult. Custody disputes are the most contentious and challenging aspect of a divorce for the parents of children. It is for this reason that fathers should seek out legal counsel from an attorney that can represent them with a wealth of knowledge, a command of the legal process and most importantly a strong background in negotiation. At Andrews & Arbenz, we are a law firm that prides ourselves in helping fathers get custody of their children. We would welcome your case and look forward to hearing how we might be able to help you.