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BankruptCy & Creditor’s Rights

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Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights

In economically challenging times, bankruptcy can help provide a “fresh start” for debtors who are no longer able to meet the demands of their creditors. This can result from a loss of a job, injury, divorce, foreclosure, or the general decline of the financial markets.  With the unprecedented COVID-19 epidemic, these and other life changing events have, unfortunately, become more common.

The Narrows Law Group helps people and businesses file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code and is therefore considered a debt relief agency under federal law.  Consequently, If you or your business are in extreme debt, or if you feel constantly stressed about your individual or business finances; or if you are facing foreclosure, repossession of your vehicle, or wage garnishment, it is time to contact our bankruptcy attorneys at The Narrows Law Group. We can help you find a solution and work toward a fresh financial start.

Whether you are a debtor or creditor, corporation or small business, or an individual, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to handle your bankruptcy case and conduct proceedings in a professional and timely manner.

Bankruptcy laws exist to protect you from the disproportionate consequences of burdensome debts.   The benefits of bankruptcy are numerous. Of course, its primary purpose is to eliminate most — if not all — of your debt, leaving you with a clean financial slate.

Other important advantages of bankruptcy include its ability to:

  • Stop creditor harassment
  • Stop collections lawsuits
  • Stop wage garnishment
  • Halt foreclosure and repossession efforts
  • Protect your assets and property

These benefits take effect as soon as you file bankruptcy. Through a court order called an “automatic stay,” you will receive immediate protection against the financial pressures that would make it impossible to sort out your situation.

It is very important to understand that bankruptcy exists as an option to help honest but unfortunate individuals in times of crisis.  By filing for bankruptcy, you are merely asserting your legal rights to discharge or reorganize your debt and leveling the playing field between you and your creditors.   Even so, the thought of filing bankruptcy can be overwhelming and scary.  Therefore, you need to know that you are not alone and that we are here to help.

You should also know that although bankruptcy seems simple and straightforward enough, it is not.  Bankruptcy is a complex and ever-evolving field of law, and studies and surveys routinely show that individuals who file bankruptcy cases without the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney are routinely denied the discharge or reorganization of their debts that they are seeking and that they are otherwise entitled to receive solely because they failed to comply with the necessary legal requirements.   Therefore, if you are thinking of seeking bankruptcy protection, we urge you to contact our bankruptcy attorneys at The Narrows Legal Group for assistance.

Again, while bankruptcy law is complex, you should know that there are various types or “Chapters” of bankruptcy that are available depending upon your needs.  The goal of any bankruptcy filing is to get a fresh start by having debts discharged or restructured under one of these bankruptcy Chapters.

In short, Chapter 7 (known as a “liquidation”), wipes away debt by selling the debtor’s non-exempt possession and with the end-result that the debtor receives a “discharge” to eliminate all or nearly all unsecured debts.

On the other hand, Chapter 13 (known as the “wage earner’s plan”) generally gives the debtor an opportunity to develop a 3 to 5 year plan to repay all debt and allow the debtor to keep their possessions.

Chapters 7 and 13 both result in a fresh start.

The best way to know whether bankruptcy is necessary in your case is to contact a bankruptcy attorney at The Narrows Law Group.  If bankruptcy is your best option, our skilled attorneys will know which Chapter is the best for you and ensure that the entire bankruptcy process is conducted smoothly and with as little burden on you as possible.

We take pride in providing personalized representation to each and every client.  It’s time to put money problems behind you.

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